Mullum Cares is a not for profit organisation that supports its local community to reduce emissions by changing its consumer behaviours.


To protect and enhance the natural environment.

To achieve this we design and deliver programmes and projects that:


Inspire and enable our community to actively avoid products that are designed to be single use or of poor quality.



Keep products already made in use as long as possible and maximise their utility by sharing and caring for them in a dogged and determined fashion.



The Impact of our Activities

Mitigates and enables Adaptive behaviours to reduce the impacts of damaging weather events caused by Climate Change by reducing emissions and disturbance of the natural environment caused by the extraction, production, transport and disposal of goods made to meet consumer demand.

This is how we do it

Mullum Cares works with event organisers, local businesses, not for profit organisations, the Byron Shire Council and the wider community to identify and implement actions that result in the conservation of resources made for human consumption.  Sometimes we design our own events but usually we help others to reduce the waste created by others.

A wide variety of projects and campaigns have been undertaken by Mullum Cares since our inception in Oct 2015.  Check out our NEWS page to read just a few summaries of the actions we have been involved with.