October 21, 2016

Businesses in the Byron & Ballina Shire’s can now get a green bin!


wheelie-bin-with-get-it-sorted-statsWe need to broaden our understanding of ‘recycling’ to include food and all other organic waste.

Here in the Byron Shire we have had a residential organics collection service (meaning our green bin accepts all kitchen food waste as well as garden green waste) for over a year now and the benefits to our greenhouse gas emission bottom line has been enormous.  Now our businesses can also ensure their organic waste is converted into a valuable resource that will be returned to the land to enrich our soils and continue the endless cycle of growth and decay.

Sending organic waste to landfill is like sentencing it to life imprisonment!  It wont be any use to anyone and will simply decay and accelerate the breakdown of other landfill-only materials.  Many of these have toxins in their makeup and we have to trust that the landfill bladders never leak this toxic mix into the water tables below..

Businesses can now have a 240ltr organic bin with a weekly service for $9 a week billed monthly.  Mixed recycling skips are also now available so businesses no longer need to send recyclable waste to landfill!  And it’s usually cheaper to implement these new services than continue with what you’ve got.  Call Tony Martin at Richmond Solo Waste on 6621 7431 to inquire or book a service.

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