May 18, 2021

Byron Shire Waste Free Events are Back

After what feels like a long hiatus events are back on and the Mullum Cares Sustainable Events team hit the ground running delivering a beautiful Wash Station operation at Renew Fest.

Preparations for the event included harnessing our partnership with the Global Ripple Op Shop in Byron who donated plates, forks, broken denim garments, sheets and doona covers and then kicked in $1500 to sponsor the Wash Station operation. Gratitude for these folk overflows.




From left, Ness the Wash Station Manager, Gemma from Global Ripple and Sasha from Mullum Cares.

The denim and doona covers were upcycled to make aprons, tea towels, napkins and table clothes, the sheets were dyed to make wrist bands and the plates and forks added to the stock of reusables in the Library of Stuff‘s waste free catering inventory.

The timing of Renew Fest was perfect as the Byron Shire Echo published its annual Sustainability Supplement the same week. We took the opportunity to promote our Waste Free Event services.


We are excited to announce that we are the recipients of a Byron Shire Council Community Initiative Grant

Our Library of Stuff stocks a large volume of reusable plates, cups, bowls and cutlery and all the infrastructure required to manage a Covid Safe reusable system.  Single use plastics were shunned years ago by our community but the transition to compostable food and drink products has proved unviable with no regulation of the products sold as ‘compostable’ and commercial waste processing facilities being able to manage a variety of challenges relating to these products.  The current reality is that you are better off using single use plastic plates, cups and bowls rather than compostable as at least these are recylcable.

So event and market managers are now faced with the reality that if they are committed to minimising the negative impacts of their activities that the only responsible option is to move to reusables.

Contact Sasha on 0422 641 474 or email for more information about Mullum Cares Waste Free Catering.