dirtgirl comes to Mullumbimby

The Mullumbimby celebration of the humble reusable bag was a fantastic event with families loving the Green Carpet action with dirtgirl and Plastic Free Boy!  The Community Bag Share initiative was launched (see separate post) by Mayor Simon Richardson and many reusable bags were made, decorated, mended and then shown off!

So much gratitude for the support of We Refill (for coming after a massive weekend reducing single use at Bluesfest), photographer’s Jonathan Miller and Marie-Laurence Paquette, North East Waste, Positive Change for Marine Life, Bec Talbot and Tamara Smith from The Greens, the Bolsa Bags, Mullumbimby Woolworths, Simon Richardson, Plastic Free Boy, an amazing group of volunteers and last but not least dirtgirl! A picture tells a thousand words so here’s a couple for ya!