August 24, 2016

Coffee pod penance

Click here to watch ABC Lateline segment from August 24th
I can’t say I’m a fan of coffee pods but I do love a good coffee and much prefer anything other than instant so I get the pod fad and am just interested in finding solutions to the diabolical waste impact of the product. 

On ABC Lateline tonight the reality that most pods can’t be recycled or composted in our standard waste streams was discussed and the free collection and recycling service provided by Terracycle was explained. Checkout the range of hard-to-recycle items they accept on their website and think about whether your workplace,  school or kids school could benefit from accessing any of these disposal boxes:). There’s cold hard cash to be earned by collecting many items!

There are new players entering the field who are making fully biodegradable pods.  I would recommend you see if these are suitable for your machine as the best solution and using Terracycle a back up plan.