April 8, 2018

Community Bag Share

Not lucky enough to have a local Boomerang Bag group to make bags for your community to borrow when they forget to BYO bags?  Have no fear!  The Community Bag Share idea is here!  Simply have a chat with your local grocery store manager about finding a spot and a box or bin to use for the community to stock with their excess reusable bags so they have a plastic free back up when they forget to BYO:)  While you’re at it, ask the manager if they think it might be possible to make boxes that bring products into the store available for customers to reuse as a second option if they forget to BYO bags.  Ask them to call Daniel at Mullumbimby IGA or Wayne at Mullumbimby Woolworths for more info on the operational reality of providing these fantastic ‘box bins’.

Here’s the Community Bag Share image that is available to anyone to download, print and set up in their community.We launched the concept on Sat 7th April at Mullumbimby Woolworths, three days after they removed all plastic carry bags from their registers.  We’ll tell you all about that great #choose2reuse event soon xx