December 31, 2016

Mullum Cares Disposable Free Camping @Falls2016

Mullum Cares co ordinated a Disposable Free Camping stall at Falls!

We had loads of tent poles and pegs (collected from last year – loads of tents that were left behind had one broken main pole and one that was fine), repair tools and vollies with skills to assist patrons in need and a range of upcycled products like bags and dresses (check out our outfits!!) for sale.  We also conducted a survey with camping patrons to get an understanding of the factors that lead to festival camp grounds being left covered in litter.
Sasha, Kim, Tiffany & Glenn

One of the greatest challenges on the site was the strong winds.  Unfortunately many umbrella’s on site didn’t last very long but our creative genius, Kim, got crafty:)

It was soooo hot that our location wasn’t ideal for conversations with patrons as we were positioned between the camping area and the main festival.  Ideally any future efforts to assist campers would involve setting up this ace Repair & Spares stall right smack bang in the camping area:)