Mullum Cares has been designing and delivering resource conservation initiatives in Mullumbimby and the Byron Shire since 2015. 

Our projects involve saving businesses and residents money by NOT buying products so there’s no profit to be made to generate income from. 

We tackle waste issues that are on peoples minds but not problems they can generally pay to solve. That’s where your donations are so important.  Without them our new and future projects will likely not get off the ground.

We need you.  The planet needs you.  Your great grandchildren will thank you.

Like most non profits, so much of what we do cant be billed to the people who benefit.  Providing services that support community to reduce their contribution to climate change AND help them cope with the increasing impacts of it is unique to Mullum Cares. 

Honestly, you can’t imagine how much we could be doing if we had the funds to pay people to implement our awesome project ideas!  

In 2023/24 we are focusing on continuing to strengthen the foundation of our four year old Library of Stuff and launching a Textile Conservation project under our Salvage Culture banner.

If you don’t require a tax deductible receipt you can donate directly to us (and we’ll get every cent!) to our Southern Cross Credit Union account below:

Mullum Cares Incorporated

BSB: 722 744  Account: 100 124 135


The Library of Stuff project has grown to support hundreds of local families and the assets that support both big and small events radically amplify the waste being avoided by this pumping operation. It needs a dependable co ordinator though and our funding for this role runs out at the end of December so funds raised in this campaign will be used in part to continue this position until proceeds from the shop can underwrite this expense.

The Flood Resilient Rebuild of our region is now underway headed by the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation.  Mullum Cares is being funded to develop Flood Resilient Retrofitting information but the NRRC wont pay for the one on one, face to face support my team has been providing to our community of flooded residents.  Funds raised in this campaign will allow that service to continue throughout 2023.

Did you know only 15% of items donated to Australian op shops are sold by them?  The rest almost all ends up in landfills – either here or in poorer, developing nations.  The fashion industry is the second biggest climate change driver after big oil  Our consumer behaviour is feeding this beast and we had plans to do something about it!

But, our Salvage Culture project was quashed by Covid.

We began workshops that focused on slow fashion and raising awareness of the massive contribution our clothing habits are having on climate change and the lives of poorest nations.

We are super excited to say that we are currently in talks with Global Ripple Charity about a partnership to restart this great project.



Mullum Cares has two of these mobile, filtered water bottle/cup refill machines that are free for community events to borrow.  We have combined our long standing work helping businesses and events reduce their supply of single use plastics (and other waste streams!) with our Library of Stuff lending software, management expertise and governance to offer amazing assets to families AND event managers to radically reduce their ecological footprint.



Since the devastating floods in early 2022 Mullum Cares have been supporting its community to understand how to rebuild to reduce the waste & trauma future floods will cause.  We must stop buying products and materials designed to be repeatedly replaced.  This hyper consumption form of capitalism is driving our waste and emissions through the roof!  And for some, this means flood waters now to the roof.



Our share library supports hundreds of families, local charities and businesses. Since April 2019 it has recorded over 12 000 loans and our free memberships for flood affected locals are essential to our purpose as they take the impacts of climate change and turn them into impact reducing outcomes.



Mullum Cares started workshops focused on reducing textile waste then Covid hit. Then the flood hit.

We called this activity our Salvage Culture Project and we cant wait to get it up and running again in 2023.

Once products are made for humans we think they should be cared for and used for as long as possible to make the most of the raw materials and reduce all the costs involved with replacement.  Carbon is a cost and climate change is the result of sprialling carbon costs that are not ethically accounted for.



Whether it’s a community event expecting finger food and twenty people or an international music festival expecting thousands much of the waste is predictable and we believe it is the responsibility of the organiser to minimise waste by designing a plan for Maximum Diversion from landfill.

Mullum Cares partners with local businesses, organisations and council as well as with national partners like B-Alternative & Green Music Australia to amplify the change potential of events to capture the hearts and minds of patrons.  Check out this video from the Mullum Agricultural Show and this beauty from Falls Festival Byron🙂

If you’ve ever thought the work of Mullum Cares worthy of support and you can afford to donate please give generously and encourage others in a similar position to do so as this campaign is designed to be the only fundraising campaign Mullum Cares should ever need to do.

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