Green Music Australia’s Water Without Waste project gathers momentum as Splendour bans plastic straws and begins the staged removal of single use water bottles.

Mullum Cares founder, Sasha Mainsbridge, has worked as a volunteer with the Green Music Australia Water Without Waste team at Splendour in the Grass, the Mullum Music Fest, the Byron Spirit Festival & Jack Johnson’s concert in November 2017.  Green Music’s #BYObottle campaign targets the music industry’s use of single use cups and water bottles, calling for these to be removed from their operations.  In outdoor settings these items are particularly problematic because they readily blow into neighbouring bush land and water ways.  Splendour’s announcement to ban plastic straws starting this year and remove all single use plastic water bottles by 2020 is testament to the power of the snowballing global anti plastic pollution movement. Congratulations to all involved!


Green Music Australia’s #BYObottle team at Splendour 2017

“In the Smirnoff bar last year at Splendour we noted that every drink was being served in a single use plastic cup with two red straws.  TWO!  The floor was a carpet of red!” Sasha recalls.

The staged approach to removing single use water bottles is a simple reflection of the changes required to deliver quality drinking water to patrons at sites like North Byron Parklands.  The provision of large plastic water tanks with taps for patrons to refill their water bottles or cup their hands under to get a drink may satisfy some, but the ongoing demand for packaged water in bottles must mean many would rather pay than use these free facilities.  The solution is being brought to the industry by We Refill:  A start up that has been trialing and refining their hydration station machines over the last three years.  They have landed on the ultimate hydration delivery system and have units currently in production that will simply change the face of drinking water delivery in the pop up event space.

We Refill have supported our Shire heavily during their development phase supporting the Mullum Music Fest, the Byron Spirit Fest, Splendour, Renew Fest, Bluesfest and even provided a system for Mullum Cares #choose2reuse event with dirtgirl in April this year.

Images below are from Jack Johnson’s concert in Brisbane last November where Green Music Australia was one of five Not For Profits given the opportunity to raise funds and engage with patrons about waste reduction solutions.


Sasha also volunteered for Green Music at Island Vibe last year (and took the kids along) where the sale of single use water bottles had already been banned and the bars were using reusable cups.  The amazing plastic dress worn above by Rachel and below by Amy was skillfully crafted by Byron Shire local, Kim Tait.

The Mullum Music Festival has had a “no single use plastic cups or water bottles” policy since 2016 and this year have committed to reducing single use waste from their food stall operations by employing the use of a wash station so reusable plates, bowls and cutlery can be used.  This will be co ordinated by Mullum Cares Waste Free Catering team.  At Mullum Cares we passionately believe that predictable waste is avoidable waste.  We exist to support people, organisations and businesses that want to reduce their negative impact on the environment.  We’ll be at Splendour this year taking advantage of a generous opportunity presented by the festival owners… follow us on Facebook to find out more!

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