May 13, 2022

Flood Resilient Power, Plumbing & Building Materials and Strategy Posters – A3

As a region, rebuilding after catastrophic flooding events, if we Accept that future flooding is likely, Contribute all in our power to rebuild as flood resilient as possible we can set our communities up to Thrive.

These two A3 Posters have been created by Brenna Quinlan with content from JDA co. who are leading Australian architects for flood, fire and storm resilience.

Please share, download, print and stick on walls anywhere and everywhere.


If your damaged residential property is in the Byron Shire you can make an appointment for one of our Flood Resilient Rebuild Advisors to meet with you to discuss your options.  Simply text Sasha on 0422 641 474 or email with some times that suit you to meet at the property.  The best time is when your insurer/builder/assessor is going to be there but get in touch now so we know you’re looking for assistance and we’ll keep you up to date with how we can help.