The Mullum Library of STUFF is a Mullum Cares project.  It intends to provide affordable access to quality goods for the Byron Shire Community including individuals, families, businesses and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations (including schools).  Supporting and promoting local businesses who stock quality products is fundamental to the Library’s purpose that is to relocalise and share.  Where ever possible, new products purchased will be done so locally and the business promoted on the product to encourage users who find that they need to purchase one for their home to do so locally.

The inspiration for the Library came from Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff movie that details the detrimental effects of increasing consumption of low quality products.  With cheap, less durable options available, more expensive, longer lasting goods are being purchased less and less and the impact is evident in the increasing volume of waste our communities are producing.

This consumption level is not sustainable as the raw materials being used are not renewing themselves as fast as are taking them. We would need 4 planet Earth’s to continue at current rates.  Add to this projection the fact that our global population is growing and the urgent need for conservation efforts is clear.

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Library of STUFF Mullumbimby