LuLu’s last straw 

On Wednesday Nov 2nd, LuLu’s Cafe in Mullumbimby dispensed its last plastic straw! Photographed holding the ethically made paper straw alternative, supplied by local supplier Greenpack, is from left Sasha Mainsbridge, Linda Rutledge and regular customer, Councillor Jeannette Martin who has taken the remaining plastic straws to send off for recycling.

The staff at LuLu’s embraced their participation in the town’s coordinated, trader-action focused Plastic Free July campaign by putting their straws out of site for customers buying take away drinks but the greater effort, according to owner Linda Rutlege, was the conversation her staff had with each ‘drink-in’ customer that was served a cold drink without a straw.

Many Mullum businesses now supply a tiny fraction of the plastic bags or straws that they did prior to their participation in the town’s PFJ campaign. Linda realised that the stock of plastic straws she still had were going to last a long time and decided to cut her losses and swap them for paper ones now so the issue is done and dusted!

The shops and cafes that rose to the town-wide Plastic Free July challenge became ambassadors for the disposable free movement and continue to drive action on disposable plastic reduction.

LuLu’s has caught the eye of triple bottom line enthusiasts for years. Linda is obviously a humanitarian first and chef second.  The vegetarian fare is served  both inside but more notably outside under the shade of a stunning leopard gum.

Cloth napkins and the absence of single serve sugar sachets are notable to zero waste enthusiasts immediately but the pay-it-forward ‘suspended coffee, burger or juice’ initiative that means you can pay for any item and anyone can redeem them when in need is less obvious but overwhelmingly heartwarming when understood!

LuLu’s is also a registered Responsible Cafe, giving 40cents off you’re take away hot drink if you BYO cup and they now sell Mullum Cares branded reusable cups!

Thanks Linda & staff! Your efforts allow your customers to think global and act local. Eating at Lulu’s is a vote for all the better aternatives this business adopts. Voting with our wallets is how we can all #bethedemand:)

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