August 29, 2016

Mullum Cares products are more than just good for the environment 

Checkout the new swing tags on the Mullum Cares water bottles & coffee cups! Yes, they look great but they’ve been added for a reason other than just adding bling!  
Customers understanding that Mullum traders are being activated to address their ecological footprint is now likely with the simple information on the tags. 

Purchasing a Mullum Cares product from a Mullum retailer means you are supporting the trader, Mullum Cares and the environment:) 

Get your Mullum Cares water bottle from:

Mullum IGA, the Middle Pub &  The Green House Grocer:)

& Mullum Cares coffee cups from:

Mullum Mac, Lulu’s Cafe, Pure Melt Chocolate, the Chincogan Store & Santos Organics in Mullum:)

Use your money to support the locals who support your community and environment:) Every time you open your wallet you are voting for more of the same.  Your dollar is more powerful than you realise. It dictates the future.   


For enquires about stocking Mullum Cares products or to suggest other product lines please email me at