November 12, 2019

Mullum Music Fest is Conscious Ground

At this year’s Mullum Music Festival we are continuing our Maximum Diversion strategy of sorting waste to recover precious organic and recylable materials to save them being wasted in landfill.

Last weekend our efforts at the Mullum Show allowed us to deliver 170kg of dense food waste and over a cubic meter of lightweight brown materials like serviettes, paper plates and hay to Conscious Ground in Myocum to be composted. Returning these nutrients to local soils will help us build soil fertility:)

Sash & Em from Mullum Cares after the first (and smaller!) of two deliveries

We are running a Wash Station to minimise the number of single use cups that will be used at the festival – REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR KEEP CUP!

We are also running the Waste Warriors Sorting Bench to achieve Maximum Diversion.

We have a few volunteer shifts left, particularly on Fri & Sat from 4-9pm. If you take one of these shifts you can have a free pass for the following day! Just email us at and we’ll shoot you a Vollie Registration form if you’re keen!

This is how much fun our vollies have on the sorting bench (it helps when you find a $50 note!).