November 5, 2019

Our Sustainable Events team launch Maximum Diversion and the Southern Cross Credit Union is right by our side:)

Mullum Cares Sustainable Events team never intended to become waste managers. We thought providing and managing washable crockery, cutlery and cups would be enough to radically reduce the waste at local events but the reality is, there is still a load of waste generated and most of it ends up in landfill because no one sorts it.

We want to pull out every recyclable or compostable piece of trash and make sure it doesn’t end up in wasting away in a hole in the ground (generating methane) and then examine what landfill waste still remains and work with the organisers to find reusable, recyclable or compostable alternatives so we can track to achieving true zero waste outcomes in the Shire by 2025.

We’re upping the anti by introducing Maximum Diversion, the simple act of sorting every bin of waste generated at an event, launching this weekend at the Mullum Show. Our goal is to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill by over 80% compared to last years results!

The sad reality is that if event bins aren’t manually sorted, they go to landfill because the allowance for contamination is so minimal. So what’s the point of having yellow and green lidded bins at events? We asked the same question and decided something had to be done to ensure these valuable resources are recovered and reused as intended. Now we need a dynamite team and some waste busting assets to grow our impact.

The timing couldn’t be better! We applied for a $5000 grant through the Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) a few months ago and have made it through to the voting round that’s open now!

Pictured left are Mullum Cares founder, Sasha Mainsbridge and Steve Quirke the Manager at the Mullumbimby Southern Cross Credit Union after signing a formal Community Partnership deal.

Ditch the big banks for local, community banking today!

Then the SCCU offered us a formal Community Partnership and we are proud to have entered into that agreement. All we have to do is recommend them and we were doing that anyway! We love shopping local and choosing Not For Profits over shareholder driven corporates.

The deal is simple, if you take your banking business to the SCCU and tell them Mullum Cares sent you your business may trigger a donation to us to put towards our Library of Stuff and Sustainable Events projects. Specifically a $100/ $1000 donation is triggered by successful personal/home loan applications of $1000/$200 000 or more respectively.

Drop into have a chat or call them to make an appointment on 1300 360 744