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Mullum Music Festival 2018 provides Waste Free Catering at the Civic Hall & the Neighbourhood Centre precinct

This weekend the Mullum Music Festival is taking yet another giant leap towards becoming a Zero Waste festival with the introduction of Waste Free Catering in the food precinct around the Civic Hall and Neighbourhood Centre.  With fabulous support from… Continue Reading →

The Bolsa Bags

  At bolsa bags we upcycle plastic bags. That is, we convert waste materials into new materials of better quality and for better environmental value. It is our utmost wish that our bags will not only remind you of the… Continue Reading →

Honey Bee Wraps

Honeybee wrap was born from questioning how people stored food before plastic. I am happy to be able to provide a natural alternative to plastic for you and your family that is safe, non-toxic, and eco friendly. The honey bee… Continue Reading →

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