May 31, 2018

The Mullum Library of Stuff has a building! Thanks to Chincogan Real Estate

The Library of Stuff has had its feelers out for the last 12 months looking for a place to call home.  Thanks to Chincogan Real Estate, we have a shed, a big shed!  Now we need to find a place to put it and fill it with all the stuff on our wish lists!    It needs to be moved from it’s current location in SGB but not for a few months so we can concentrate on getting all the other pieces of the puzzle sorted while we wait!

Mullum Cares is excited to be applying for a number of grants at the moment to bring the Mullumbimby Library of Stuff to life!  We would very much appreciate letters of support from local organisations and suggestions of items you would borrow/rent.

Not For Profit organisations (including schools!) will be able to borrow the library’s assets for free for fundraising activities. For general use we are setting the service up like a video library where there is a modest rental charge. Organisational memberships for groups who support underprivileged members of our community will allow these groups to offer free rental opportunities to people they chose to underwrite.

We are including the following categories but will add more based on the communities interests:

1 – Tool Library items – in partnership with the Repair Cafe we are seeking a broad range of tools for home use.

2 – Screen Free Family Fun – quality board games, sporting equipment, musical instruments and camping gear.

3 – NFP fundraising assets – marquees, trestle tables, large pots for cooking, popcorn making machine, laminator, what else do you need??

4 – Waste Free Catering – minimum 250 bamboo dinner plates, side plates & bowls & 500 12 oz cups for both hot/cold use – we are opting to collect cutlery from op shops rather than purchase these new.

Thanks so much for any feed back and letters of support you can provide. The first grant is to Australian Ethical and it must be submitted by June 6. My apologies for the short notice!  Please scroll down to the contact form via this link to send us a quick idea of the items you would like in the library.