May 23, 2018

Tiny House Workshops!

Whether you are considering shrinking your ecological footprint by downsizing or looking for a solution to the housing crisis, getting the latest information about Tiny Homes is a must.

“The most common question we get from prospective tiny house builders/owners, is ‘where can I put a tiny house?’ Because the answers are a bit complicated, we take a detailed look at various local laws that can affect tiny house living,” Schultz explains. Some of the areas the 9am–12pm Sunday workshop will cover include an introduction to relevant local laws & planning regulations; real life tiny home case studies; regulations for transportable tiny homes and tiny homes with permanent foundations; who regulates them; and the case for and against regulation.

The remaining three 3-hour workshops will focus on building a transportable tiny home on a trailer, building an off-grid, fossil fuel free home, maximising your living space, the best building materials and construction methods to use.

The workshops can be booked individually or as a package.

Visit to book your place in these life-changing and liberating workshops.