This Waste Free Catering logo will become recognised to mean an event is providing reusable crockery, cutlery and cups and whether there is a deposit system in place or not. The branding of Waste Free Catering will be launched at Renew Fest this May 18-20 in Mullumbimby as it is a pioneering waste free sustainability festival!

Discount tickets for Byron Shire residents are available until this Sunday from Santos Organics!

Mullum Cares has been working with the likes of the Mullum Music Festival, Falls Festival, Splendour in the Grass and, for the first time, in less than two weeks with Renew Fest to address some of the different ecological impacts that large events have on people and planet both locally and globally.  From camping waste to single use plastic drink containers to this latest, all encompassing, disposable free food and beverage container project, Mullum Cares believes celebratory events offer unique opportunities for patron engagement in new ways of being that tread more gently on the planet. Green Music Australia has surveyed thousands of festival goers who have proven that they want the event organisers to provide waste free services like water refill stations  (Splendor this year is going to be a We Refill wonderland!) and reusable cups (thanks to Globlet) so upping the stakes to introduce reusable crockery and cutlery is the next logical step.

The premise for the implementation of a Waste Free Catering service by event organisers is simple:  They organise events that involve food and drink sales and consumption on site so, like a restaurant or cafe, reusable crockery, cutlery and cups can be supplied with the addition of a managed wash station.

The use of volunteer labour at many events mean the service can be provided at low to no cost.  Staff and volunteers who previously had to manage the volumes of single use waste items can be diverted to working the wash station and ensuring the vendors have a constant supply of clean items to use.

Currently the festival and the food and drink vendors make money from the event with it’s reliance on single use containers that have a major detrimental environmental and social impacts that are not accounted for.  These costs have, up until now, been externalised – not officially accounted for in western dollars.  If you want to understand this exploitative concept check out this life changing 20 minute Story of Stuff video.  The impact of every event reaches far off countries where the raw materials are grown or mined then harvested and processed (very likely countries with trade and environmental practices that we would not consider adequate) then shipped half way across the world to be used for 15 minutes before either ending up in landfills or littered.

If you head along to Renew Fest be sure to throw a coin in the Waste Free Catering donation tins to support Renew Fest’s amazing Waste Free Festival initiatives.  Here’s the second logo that shows and explains the +1 concept.