August 5, 2016

Water on Tap! A big part of the solution to marine pollution:)

water fountainWater bottleWater fountain reason boomerang alliance infografic

Council’s simply don’t have enough money to supply every need a community has.  Our council is committed to rolling out as many water fountains as they can and to support them we’re giving them a leg up with one for the main st in Mullumbimby by crowdfunding the $6000 needed to purchase one like the one in the photo.  All donations above $2 are tax deductable and the first 150 over $30 will receive a 750ml Mullum Cares water bottle courtesy of the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce.  Click here to donate on line or cash donations are accepted in Mullumbimby at Stewarts Menswear, Mullum Mac & Santos Organics.

#byobottle #disposablefree