April 3, 2016

Mullum Farmers Market

No take way coffee cups needed at the Farmers Market – although you can still ask for one if needed!  The market invested in simple ceramic mugs and has them washed!  Simple sustainability in action!  Exactly what you’d expect from your favourite farmers market!!


Mullumbimby Farmers Market began in April 2010.

It was set up by the North Byron Farmers Market Association (operators of the New Brighton Farmers Market) who saw a need for another farmers market in the north of the Byron Shire.

The vision was to expand the traditional farmers market model to include small businesses adding value to locally grown produce. The market would provide a wide range of food and food related products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to artisan food products, seedlings and garden products.

The market would support and encourage local food production, foster the establishment of small, local food-related businesses and strengthen local food security.

It would also help revitalise Mullumbimby’s beautiful showgrounds.

The market received massive support from the community from day one, and has firmly established itself as both a thriving marketplace and a social hub for the local community.


Why shop with us!

Here are just a few reasons to shop at Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market:

• Meet directly with the people who grow your food

• Make a real connection to your food and how it is produced.

• Have access to produce you know is fresh and nutrient rich.

• Enjoy food grown seasonally, as nature intended.

• Buy produce that’s hard to find commercially such as exotic fruits and heirloom varieties.

• Buy healthier, unprocessed and unpasteurised versions of foods like milk, cheese and fermented foods such miso, tempeh, olives and sauerkraut.

• Buy meat and smallgoods that have been produced ethically and without chemicals, using traditional techniques.

• Support small- scale local farmers and producers.

• Do your shopping in a picturesque location that has a fun and friendly atmosphere.

• Meet with friends and feel part of a community.

• Know that the money you spend is supporting local farmers, the community and a more sustainable future.