October 30, 2023

Splendour Campsite Magic


At Splendour this year we were supported by B-Alternative and together our teams saturated the campgrounds with supportive and informative info that inspired the campers to really look after their stuff and leave their site clean.

For the first time we were allowed to drive around the campground daily with a large trailer, some drummers and a megaphone to flush out the bagged rubbish and recycling from the capsites.  The sooner this stuff gets to the waste depot out back for sorting the better the diversion rates end up.

Our message to campers is clear…






But we don’t just tell them what they should be doing but actually provide them with practical assistance so they can easily do what we suggest.

We estimate we rehomed over a tonne of items that campers brought to our Exchange Free Shop where we had a clear deliniation between items brought to the space that were FINE and those that were FUC#D.  The majority of items that were the later were broken chairs, gazebos and tents of the poorest quality.  We manually separated the fabrics from the frames and sent the metal off to scrap metal recycling.  The gazebo and tent fabrics have been taken for upcycling by an artist in the circus industry and the only fabric we still have yet to repurpose are those from camping chairs.  These are being held in storage until an opportunity presents itself.

Our upcycled fabrics from gazebo and tents made into a ground sheet (literally just a gazebo wall or tent floor) and back pack to put it in.  We were gifted the graphic design for the Repair, Reuse, Rebel, Refuse logo (with paint brush crossed over a hammer) by Extinction Rebellion Melbourne. We had a screen print made and printed on site. Awesome waste to resource activity.