May 25, 2018

Mullum Cares is now Incorporated

Since we began supporting our community to reduce waste in 2015 we have been under the wing of Mullum SEED Inc.  They’ve provided governance and insurance and a load of support in building networks with the local Chamber of Commerce and Council and helped us find our feet so that we were ready to strike out on our own.

On the 9th of April the first Mullum Cares board was appointed to formalise the incorporation process that makes Mullum Cares Incorporated a registered Not for Profit Incorporated Association registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.  This affords the organisation access to financial opportunities (including simply having a bank account!) that was not possible before.  Funding bodies often require community organisations to be Incorporated Associations so this is an exciting development and Sasha would very much like you to welcome the board members to the team:

President: Sasha Mainsbridge

Vice President: Susie Forster

Secretary: Jeannette Martin

Treasurer: Nikki Dawes

General member: Tiffany Harrison

General member: Kim Potter

General member: Hope Evans

Photograph from left: Jeannette, Tiffany, Sasha, Kim, Susie, Nikki is on the phone and Hope was an apology as home with new baby:)