July 6, 2016

#MYO – Make Your Own to avoid packaging

Hey Sasha,

As part of my enthusiastic efforts to avoid plastic I made myself a batch of Soy Milk on the weekend.

I found a 1kg bag of organic soybeans, costing $4.50 (without the PFJ 10% off) from Santos, will make 7 – 8 litres of soy milk. So each litre is about 50 cents, compared to around $2. So I’m saving money as well as the planet.

It is a bit messy but by the end of the 3/4 hour that I was making it, I had figured out the best and quickest way to manage the process, which is to strain the blended mixture of beans and water twice, once in a normal sieve over a bowl, then through a fine straining bag that I bought at the Source.

I took a picture to share on social media but I don’t know how to do it. If you’d like to use it before Friday please go ahead, the image is attached.