July 5, 2016

Old T shirts, big smiles and hand written words of thanks needed to support our traders:)

We were told that IGA had their first extremely unhappy customer today.  It’s never OK for counter staff to be abused and as it was because they refused to give them a plastic bag we feel compelled to respond as swiftly and purposefully as possible!  They need support with more bags, more smiles and more thankyou’s and that’s just one of the participating shops!

We will be Sewing in the Street, Making Bags out of T shirts and writing Thank You Cards to the participating traders to show them our appreciation every Mon, Wed & Fri (unless really bad weather) during July. Tomorrow we’ll be out front of Stewart’s Menswear.

 Please donate any old t shirts or blank cards you have lying around that we can use.  Bring your kids down with their old T shirts and we’ll show them how they can turn them into a reusable bag with just the aid of a pair of scissors.

Please remind all your friends to BYO bags, water bottles and coffee cups when they head down town as each of us taking responsibility for our own, predictable needs is what is actually required in order for the demand for disposable convenience plastic to reduce.

The Boomerang Alliance released a video today about their intentions to address the dire state of our oceans that are beginning to resemble plastic soup.  Check it out here.