March 17, 2022

Register for Residential Flood Adaptation Assistance

Mullum Cares is developing a project scope to deliver a Byron Shire Residential Riverine Flood Adaptation Project. 

The purpose of this project is to provide owners of residential property in the shire with information on strategies and materials that can be retrofitted or adopted to improve the resilience of their property to future riverine flood inundation.

Suncorp Personal Insurance introduced an Australia-wide Industry First policy feature called Build it Back Better (TM) that provides additional funds for adaptive strategies to be implemented rather than simply replacing like-with-like.  We are inviting Suncorp to support our project to accelerate the provision of research and assist with training a team of Case Managers in our local team who will work with registered home owners to explore options applicable to their particular house type.

Our Project Manager will work with local industry stakeholders to accelerate the upskilling of local architects, builders, trades and product suppliers to improve the supply of all the elements required to assist home owners to implement adaptation strategies.

The first step for all impacted buildings is to ensure they are safe before using them again.  You must get the electricity checked by a licensed electrician and ensure mould is addressed.  Here’s a good article about returning to a flood impacted home.

Register your interest to receive assistance through this project below.  Join the Fb group to hear what materials and furniture proved resilient in the recent flood. Follow Zero Emissions Byron to read blog posts relating to flood adaptation strategies.