Mullum Music Festival 2018 provides Waste Free Catering at the Civic Hall & the Neighbourhood Centre precinct

This weekend the Mullum Music Festival is taking yet another giant leap towards becoming a Zero Waste festival with the introduction of Waste Free Catering in the food precinct around the Civic Hall and Neighbourhood Centre.  With fabulous support from the Mullum Farmers Market (for lending the festival their coffee cups) & the Country Women’s Association (for the use of their hall); cups, plates, bowls and cutlery will be washed instead of binned – radically reducing the volume of waste created in this food precinct.  The Waste Free Catering team will be collecting all organic waste (left overs and serviettes) and ensuring it gets taken to the Mullumbimby Community Garden for composting at the end of the event.  As this is the first year we consider it a pilot with the potential for some single use items still required.  The goal is for 2019 to be completely single use crockery, cutlery and cup free:)

The Mullum Music Fest is now in its third year being single use water bottle and plastic cup free thanks to support from Stone & Wood and their For Cup’s Sake initiative.  The town’s venues that are utilised for the festival are also bound by the No Single Use Cup or Water Bottle commitment so remember to #BYObottle (water bottle) – a great campaign championed by Green Music Australia.

We hope you’re as excited about these fantastic improvements as we are:)  If you’re heading along to the festival please help our dedicated team of volunteers by placing your dirty dishes in the tubs provided next to the normal bins in the precinct.  Together we can make our festival experiences, undoubtedly some of our happiest times, harm-free to the planet and her vast and beautiful array of earthlings:)